September 18, 2022


Die Ergebnisse der Pro-Alpentrophy 2022

1. Hala VK Dukla Liberec
2. TI-ROWA-Moser-volley
3. VC Kanti Schaffhausen
4. VK Pirane Brusno

THANK YOU for being part of the Alpentrophy 2022!

Coach Roe über die ersten Matches der Saison: „I think this years edition of the Alpentrophy was the best once regarding the volleyball level and the organisation. We can be very proud of our club members. Also a big thank you to all clubs participating in this years edition.
Regarding the team, I am very happy with the developement. Each player played better game by game – this was our goal we tried to reach in this tournament. Everyone gave their best and we tried different solutions. Still, we have to work hard, but I am very happy where the team stands at the moment.“

Am kommenden Samstag geht‘s für unsere TI-Girls gleich weiter zum nächsten Testmatch nach Italien gegen den Serie A2 Club Volley Offanengo💪🏻

Fr., 16.09.22
VC Kanti Schaffhausen – Dukla Liberec 0:3 (19:25, 18:25, 13:25)
TI-ROWA-Moser-volley – VK Pirane Brusno 3:0 (25:17, 25:11, 25:10)

Sa., 17.09.22
VC Kanti Schaffhausen – VK Pirane Brusno 3:0 (25:12, 25:7, 25:18)
TI-ROWA-Moser-volley – Dukla Liberec 1:3 (25:20, 19:25, 15:25, 16:25)

So., 18.09.22
Dukla Liberec – VK Pirane Brusno 3:0 (25:15, 25:14, 25:12)
TI-ROWA-Moser-volley – VC Kanti Schaffhausen 3:2 (17:25, 19:25, 25:18, 25:15, 15:9)

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