September 26, 2022


Adult Alpentrophy 2022 🇦🇹🇮🇹🇩🇪

1. Chions Fiume Volley
2. TI-ROWA-Moser-Hobby
3. VBC Höchst
4. VCT
5. SSV Bozen Volley
6. TSV Eiselfing
7. VT Roadrunners
8. TI-ROWA-Moser-volley II

Coach Andrea über die Adult Alpentrophy: „It was a nice tournament with a good organisation by our club.
The team approached in the right way knowing that these were the first games together for our team.
We took the opportunity to get to know each other better inside and off the court.“

Thanks for being part! ☺️

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