April 19, 2023


Another season is already gone… ūü•≤

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you, to the players for the hard work, effort and sacrifices, to the Club management “Much & Astrid” for the great organization, passion and for making it possible to work in the best conditions by fulfilling every request.

Thanks to every volunteer that supports us during the games and practices: Chiara Resch, Danijela Racic, Anna Belohlavek, Kurt Nemec, Edda Nemec, Edda Schlechter, Micky Wiesflecker, Georg Silberberger.

Big thanks to Dominik Fridrich (you’re doing an amazing job), Physio 1.0 – Physiotherapie & Training, Body and Soul and to our physios Egon Egger and J√∂rg LEMKE.
THANKS to Marion Gallmetzer our media manager, amazing what she is doing!
Thanks to all sponsors! Without you all this would not be possible!

THANK YOU! to all the coaches that collaborate with us during the season, Marco Niedermair, Andrea Cestari e Christof Nemec. I’m so grateful and honored to have such a great coach team!

At the end I want to say thanks to all our friends/supporters, without you all this it wouldn’t be the same!

Have a nice summer ūüĆěūüĆī, see you at work! ūüėé

Roe Hernandez

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